The Old School House

Located on Blackburn Lane in the heart of Barnsley, we have been serving the public great music and great times for years. Formerly known as the Polish Club, we have recently refurbished creating a beautiful environment to chill out in. And with a new refurbishment comes a new name, which we take our inspiration from the pub being an old school.  


the assembly hall


the assembly hall

Welcome to the Assembly Hall. Wondering why we named it this? That's because the building used to be an actual school and this was the main assembly hall. Clever, right? This is what you will first see when you enter the building and it's where the main bar is offering the finest ales, spirits and soft drinks. You can also watch live sports in here on the big screens including Sky Sports & BT Sports.


the venue



Home to all the live music in the building. The venue hall is the perfect place to hold gigs and events using state of the art lighting and sound systems. Accommodating up to 200 people, you can feel close to the action in here. There's also a bar so there's not need to miss a thing which offers a limited amount of ales and lagers as well as spirits. 


come and join us


let's get social